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Is a family-owned company located in the heart of the which is an industrial area specialized for many generations in the full process of plastic production, with a unique know-how, and leading the activity of a whole region. Here, the « made in France » label is marked with pride and satisfaction. The factories still have the familiar smells of machines and raw material. And here in oyonnax, the industrialist is always enclined to innovate, to create and to develop new technologies.

Jean-Marc Sochay

continues this tradition. He has been working in the world of fashion for many years, manufacturing or converting luxurious and high-end products. His business record is filled with inventions and original designs, and he always remembers keeps in mind to use noble and beautiful materials to make noble and beautiful products.

A few years ago, he covered sunglasses with leather, snakes skins and rhinestones to produce real jewels. Today, he is turning his interest into an item used everyday in any households but that does not give the possibility to express personnality and taste, and which he finds so dull.

Yet, something as brilliant as the light deserves to be spread by light switches matching the home decoration, and giving the final touch for a unique interior.

So, he imagined a collection of switches and plug covers, unlike anything existing on the market, and especially made for a prestigious clientele, sensitive to French luxury. He applied his knowledge by using a 100% natural material, coming from the cotton plant, the acetate of cellulose, and having a particular soft touch. After being processed, sanded and polished, it becomes a precious material which allows the use of all kind of fancy colors and decorations, and can also match other exceptional components.

Our customers

will be able to choose between classicism, fashion, glamour or extravagance according to their tastes. But they will have an incredible experience and will enjoy a house that’s good to live in, with their own personnal touch, just like real artwork.

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